Having Multiple Marriages

General divorce statistics often do not take into account the number of times people have been married, and this gives a false impression that each marriage only has half a chance of success. There are people who end multiple marriages, and they move the statistic closer to the halfway mark. If they had stayed with their original spouse, there would be more than one divorce that was not recorded. Some people get married three or four times before they meet the person who is truly right for them.

One of the issues with multiple marriages is looking at the person as an individual, and it does not always look good. When someone is divorced once, people generally assume they were married young, and the relationship was too much for the partners to handle. Outsiders are often very forgiving of a person being divorced, but only when it has been once.

When a person marries a second time, most of them expect it to succeed. They think the person getting married again already knows the bad side of marriage, and they will think twice before they make another legal commitment to someone else. While this is true of many going into a second marriage, there are people who simply crave a partner, and they do not really understand they are expected to make a firm commitment for a lifetime. If there is no true commitment, the second marriage may also end in divorce.

It is said that there are truly issues when a person is a three time loser at marriage, and some have gone far past that mark. Their prospective partners should listen closely as to why they claim their previous marriages did not work out, and they should take into account they are only hearing one side of the story. Getting married to someone who has had several divorces is often a sign they lack commitment.