Pre-Nuptial Agreements

It has long been a practice for people of means to have a pre-nuptial agreement with the person they will marry. These agreements often revolve around the issue of finances. They are meant to ensure that the wealthier person in the relationship will not suffer financial ruin if the marriage ends in divorce.

Some of these agreements are very specific. They even include the personal details of how the spouses will act during their marriage. These contracts generally have portions dealing with the financial claims that can be made if either party does not live up to their side of the contract.

Pre-nuptial agreements do not deal with the issue of hurt feelings. No matter how friendly a divorce may be, it is the end of a relationship. Even if both parties believe the marriage does not work, ending it will result in some measure of pain for at least one person. These types of agreements may help settle the financial and property issues, but they will never be able to stop the emotional backlash that occurs.